Machine models: SP1 & SP1DL

The Butler 90 Degree Turn Bar allows the film to make a 90 degree turn after it exits the splicer. It is designed to integrate perfectly with the SP1, mounting to the floor directly behind the splicer. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for applications where space restrictions make it impossible to place the splicer inline with the process.

Functions and Features


  • Allows use of SP1 splicer in spaces an inline arrangement is not possible


  • Turns film 90 degrees after it exits the splicer


  • All stainless components
  • Floor mount assembly
  • Configurable input and output rollers
  • +/- 1 in height adjustment
  • 0.25 degrees of angular adjustment
  • Available in all standard SP1 & SP1DL film widths



  • Enough space behind splicer to fit the turn bar
  • Must be fixed to floor or solid base
  • Turn bar input roller must be parallel to splicer output roller
  • Turn bar exit roller must be parallel to next downstream roller in process
  • Turn bar will add 50-100% to total film tension


  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service

90 degree pic.png