Machine models: SP1 & SP1DL

This option monitors film exiting the splice head of the SP1 splicer.  If film is not sensed during the run cycle, the driven roll will be shut down and the film will be nipped at the festoon entrance. 

Functions and Features


  • Reduces recovery time in the event of a break in the film prior to the festoon.


  • Sensor mounted at rear of splice head will engage festoon nip if film is not sensed coming out of the splice head while the machine is in the run state. Drive motor on running roll position will be disabled and the splicer ready signal to process will be removed.

  • To recover from this condition, the operator must thread film thru splicer, as required, and manually splice together the broken film.


  • Photo electric sensor monitor presence of film leaving splice head



  • Film must be detectable by fiber-optic retro-reflective sensor


  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service


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