Machine models: SP1, SP1DL

The Heat-Seal Butt Splice Head uses a heat wire to melt and seal the two rolls of material together, without the need for tape or any other kind of adhesive. It is used for films that contain a large amount of synthetic fibers such as plastic or nonwovens. 

Functions and Features


  • Increase splice efficiency


  • Splices films by melting and sealing them together


  • Heat seal controller to configure splice settings
  • Configurable presets for different film materials
  • Film gripper for easy splice preparation



  • Material must contain large amount of synthetic fibers and cannot have print on either side
  • Temperature settings must be configured for each material
  • May require additional storage


  • 230 V/1 Phase/15 Amperes/50, 60 Hz
  • 460 V/3 Phase/8 Amperes/50, 60 Hz


  • Option available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service