Machine models: SP1 & SP1DL

The Positive Displacement Guide option keeps the film position steady as it enters the process. The guide uses an infrared sensor to track the edge of the film, and actively directs the film to maintain the position of the edge. The Positive Displacement Guide is appropriate for applications requiring high-precision film edge alignment (less than ± 1/16” fluctuation). This option eliminates the need for the optional sidelay mechanism in the SP1.

Functions and Features


  • Improves splice reliability by reducing the edge position errors of misaligned splices in the process
  • Eliminates material waste due to misaligned film in the process
  • Allows  the use of poorly wound rolls


  • Continuously monitors position of the film
  • Continuously positions the film to the centerline of the process with high-precision


  • Infra-red sensor for film edge tracking
  • Electro-mechanical actuator for film positioning
  • Horizontal and Vertical orientations available



  • Material: paper, opaque film
  • Max film tension: 40 lbs (178 N)
  • Max machine speed: 750 FPM (248.3 m/min)
  • Max incoming error: ± 0.7-1.0" (17-25 mm) - dependent on film width


  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service