Machine models: SP1 & SP1DL

This option provides roll drives that engage automatically when a splice is about to occur. This eliminates a step in the splice preparation process and prevents incidences of an operator forgetting to lower the roll drive manually. Interlocked enclosures are included to prevent the operator from being close to the drives while they are automatically actuated.

Functions and Features


  • Increase splice efficiency  and process reliability
  • Adds protection against internal access to machine, foreign objects , and sprays


  • Automatically engage roll drive when splice is imminent
  • Encloses front of machine to protect operator from auto-engaging drives (drives are engaged only if guards are on)
  • Prevents machine from splicing when guards are off


  • Fixed stainless steel guards
  • Interlocked Lexan panels with safety key switches (locked for running roll)
  • HMI alert message when panels are off



  • Operator must remove and replace the front panel to mount a new roll and prepare a splice


  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service