Load the next roll
Prepare the splice
SP1 splices automatically

Pneumatically Assisted Loading

The SP1 features swing out shafts for easy direct front roll loading, and a compact foot print. This layout is ideal for the tight space availability with most vertical form fill and seal splicer applications.

The top shaft can be configured with a pneumatic elevator to lower the loading position of the upper roll to a more accessible height, making it possible to load smaller rolls without any hoist use.

SP1 DL Automatic Splicer Hoist
SP1 Automatic Splicer One-Step Splice Head

One-Step Splice Head

The SP1 Splice Head was designed to be as easy to use as possible, allowing splices to be prepared in under two minutes.

A vacuum system holds the web of the idle roll firmly so all the operator needs to do is tape one side of the web and close the splice head. This simple, one-step operation minimizes the chances of splice failures due to human error, allowing the SP1 to perform with over 99% splice reliability.

The splice head performs a butt-splice, meaning the two webs are joined end-to-end, leaving no lagging tail behind. An optional heat seal head is also available for certain materials.

Intuitive HMI Controls

The SP1 is controlled entirely through an 8" touch screen, with no external controls required. With the simple user interface, the operator can switch the position of the running roll, monitor the speed and tension on the web, trigger a manual splice and more.  

SP1 Automatic Splicer HMI Controls

Configurable features include position of control box, swing direction of shafts, material of frame and more.

Quick Facts

Available in widths for rolls up to 13, 19, 25 and 35 in (33.02, 48.26, 63.5 and 88.9 cm)

Default height is 87.5 in (222.25 cm)

Default depth is 47.3 in (120.142 cm)

Handles web speeds of up to 600 fpm (182.88 m/min)

Rated for web tensions of up to 2.5 pounds per linear inch (pli)

Automatic sidelay system