The 1000 splicer offers a highly efficient automatic splicing solution for a variety of processes that use large and heavy film rolls, including bag converting, printing, wallpaper production, and more. Butler's 1000 model splicers have been in production for over 40 years, providing unsurpassed reliability and durability. 

Load the next roll
Prepare the splice
1000 Series Automatic Splicer


Integrated Hoist

The 1000 splicer features an integrated hoist to streamline the roll-loading process. The hoist is capable of lifting rolls from the floor onto both the lower and upper roll positions of the machine, with a maximum capacity of 3600 lbs (1632.933 kg).

1000 Splicer Integrated Hoist
1000 Series Automatic Splicer Head

One Step Splice Head

The 1000 Splice Head was designed to be as easy to use as possible, allowing splices to be prepared while the process keeps running.

A vacuum system holds the web of the idle roll firmly in place so all the operator needs to do is apply one strip of tape on the splice head and then close it. This simple, one-step operation minimizes the chances of splice failures due to human error, allowing the splicer to perform with over 99% splice reliability.

The splice head is available in different models to meet the needs of a variety of materials and processes. 

Nested Festoon

The Butler nested festoon of the 1000 Splicer provides an efficient solution to set up the splicer as quickly as possible.

In the nested position, the festoon's upper idlers are lowered and intertwined with the bottom idlers. The operator simply pulls the web through the center of the nested festoon and then the upper idlers are raised, completing the webbing process effortlessly.

1000 Series Automatic Splicer Nested Festoon

Configurations and Options

Quick Facts

Common applications: bag converting, printing, wallpaper, corrugated box and more

Models available for roll widths up to: 27, 32, 40, 50 and 56 in (68.58, 81.28, 101.6, 127 and 142.24 cm)

Maximum roll diameter: 52 in (132.08 cm)

Maximum roll weight: 3600 lbs (1632.933 kg)

Max web speed: 1,400 fpm (304.8 m/min)

Machine height: 160 in (406.4 cm); depth: 190 in (482.6 cm)