Butler Automatic, the inventor of the zero speed non-stop automatic splicer, has supplied over 16,000 automatic splicers during the last fifty years. Our new automatic film splicer line has become the packaging industry standard for automatic splicers. Our automatic unwind splicers are available as lap splicers, butt splicers and heat seal splicers. We also supply all types of unwind and rewind automatic turret splicers, automatic rewinders and roll automation. Our SP-1 series of automatic splicer has been designed to be the first vertical form fill and seal automatic film splicer, or packaging splicer. This design is a very compact unwind splicer and a butt splicer with exceptional tension control. Butler Automatic is also known for low tension unwind and low tension automatic splicers, automatic in register splicers, safety chucks, web splicers, pouch machine splicers, form fill seal splicers, nonwoven splicers, and custom automatic unwind splicing solutions. Our company is famous for industry leading customer support and attention to detail. Once you start using a Butler Automatic Film Splicer, you’ll never stop.