How it works


Butler's automatic splicing technology joins two rolls of material together without stopping the production line.

Our machines are typically configured vertically, with one running roll feeding the process and another in a stand by position. When the running roll expires the machine fires a splice, joining the beginning of the new roll to the end of the expiring roll.

An accumulator storing material is used to feed the downstream production while the splice is taking place. When the splice is complete the accumulator is re-filled and the expired roll can be changed while the new roll is running, eliminating roll change downtime in production.

Butler Automatic SP1 Automatic Splicer



Flexible Packaging

Foods and other products are often packed in flexible bags or pouches. Flexible packaging has become increasingly popular in the packaging industry due to its lower cost, lower environmental effects, and usability. Our innovative automatic splicers help you make the most out of flexible film packaging. 

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Shrink-Sleeve Packaging

Shrink sleeves are used in many packaging applications. Labels and tamper free coverings are a few of the applications where auto splicing can add efficiency to a production line. Due to the typical fast film speed in sleeving machines, auto splicing has a very attractive return on investment.

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