Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging has become increasingly popular in the packaging industry due to its relatively low cost and excellent branding capabilities. Foods, consumer packaged goods, and other products are often packed in bags or pouches manufactured by horizontal or vertical form, fill, and seal machines. Our innovative, automatic web splicers add capacity to the form, fill and seal machines by eliminating the roll change downtime.

By eliminating the downtime associated with film roll changeovers, automatic web splicers dramatically increase packaging line output and efficiency. This leads to a rapid return on your investment in automatic splicing, and to increased profitability in your packaging line.

In one flexible film cheese packaging line, a Butler customer saw a three-year ROI on their splicer investment of 622%, due to increased output as a result of  reduced downtime. In a particularly fast-paced flexible film CPG consumables packaging line, another Butler customer saw an annual increase in gross annual profits of over $1 million, thanks to a splicer investment of under $59,000.


Shrink-Sleeve Labeling

Shrink-sleeving of any type can reap the benefits of automatic splicing very quickly due to the speed at which the typical shrink sleeve machine runs. Butler has built sleeve splicing machines for use in labeling, tamper free packaging, and other applications. 

Automatic sleeve splicing keeps a fast running sleeving machine running through the splice cycle adding output by eliminating the downtime associated with manual splicing.

Shrink Labels
Zipper Stand Up Pouch

Zipper Packaging

Re-closable packaging is in a period of rapid growth, as many manufacturers realize the added value re-closable features offer consumers. This is especially true in the food industry, where a push towards re-closability has led to the implementation of a number of reseal technologies. Many methods of adding re-closable features to an existing flexible packaging line require large capital investments, but pre-applied zipper film can be an ideal tool for companies looking to make the shift to re-closable packaging without significant up-front costs.

Rolls of pre-applied zipper film are less dense than traditional film roll stock, leading to fewer impressions and therefore less time between roll changes. Automatic splicing eliminates the downtime of these additional roll changes, dramatically improving the profitability of packaging with pre-applied zipper film.



Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoform and shrink film packaging are widespread, and their use is growing. These types of packaging are used in a range of applications, including food products, medical supplies, device packaging, and more. Like all forms of flexible packaging, the downtime associated with roll changes in thermoform and shrink film packaging leads to reduced output, efficiency, and profitability.

Automatic web splicing technology solves the issue of roll change downtime to improve thermoform and shrink film packaging line efficiency. Our splicers are available with options like all-stainless steel construction and full wash-down capability, making it easy to improve output and profitability, even in the face of regulatory concerns.


Thermoformed Packaging