Machine models: SP1, SP1DL & SP1RB

This option provides a sensor that monitors the running roll of material and automatically triggers a splice when the color of the core is detected. This system maximizes film usage by minimizing the amount of material left on the core of the expired roll.

Functions and Features


  • More product per roll of material

  • Reduces waste


  • Triggers auto-splice when color of roll core is detected

  • Maximum film speed: 170 ft/min (52 M/min)


  • Optical sensor

  • Sensor has 10 tolerance levels to allow for product variation

  • LED operating status display

  • Can program up to 3 core colors

  • Remote on/off control from HMI

  • Adjustable for best focal angle




  • Core color must be contrasting to the color of film

  • SP1 splicers running higher than 170 ft/min (52 M/min) must be slowed down before the splice- triggered to process by Splice Imminent Signal


  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service


Core Sense Automatic Splicer