Machine models: SP1 & SP1DL

This option provides a sensor that monitors the running roll of material and automatically triggers the splice routine when color tape near the end of the roll is scanned. This system maximizes film usage by reducing the amount of film left on the expired roll.

Functions and Features


  • Reduces amount of film wasted on expired roll


  • Trigger auto-splice when pre-applied color tape is detected


  • Opto-electronic contrast sensor
  • Remote controls from HMI



  • The tape dimensions must be at least 1”x1”
  • Color of tape must contrast background material/printing
  • Tape must be placed on film at a minimum distance of 8-10 ft. from the end of the film on the roll


  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service
  • Requires  HMI and Splice Imminent option


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