Machine models: SP1 & SP1DL

This option adds a sensor to monitor the position of the film, allowing the splicer to automatically sidelay when the film shifts due to poorly wound rolls, misaligned splices, or other reasons.   

Functions and Features


  • Provides continuous positioning of the film to allow the use of poorly wound rolls or misaligned splices

  • Improves process reliability by correcting edge position errors from misaligned splices

  • Eliminates material waste due to misaligned film in the process


  • Continuously monitors position of film

  • Holds film edge alignment to ± 1/16 inch (±1.5 mm)


  • Edge justified sensor

  • Adjustable sensor mount for easy set-up




  • Sensor must be mounted to a fixed surface within 12 inches of last moving idler roll on splicer

  • Sensor should be mounted as close to splicer or process idler as possible to minimize film flutter at sensor


  • Enough space to position the sensor at the exit of the splicer

  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service

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