Machine models: SP1, SP1DL, SP1RB, & SP3HSL

This option allows the splice joint to be made at a specific distance from a registration mark (eye mark, etc.). At splice time the machine brings the film to a pre-determined scan speed until a mark is detected.  The film is then advanced a pre-programed distance and the splice is made.  The splice will be positioned repeatedly within ±3 mm of specified location.

Functions and Features


  • Allows continuous operation of the bagger. 
  • Minimizes discarded bags/pouches due to registration issues.


  • Splice at pre-determined position (tolerance ± 3 mm)
  • Repeatable splice lengths from 4 to 24 in (100 to 640 mm)


  • Fiber optic sensor with one-step calibration process
  • Sensor location is adjustable across entire width of film
  • Integrated anti-flutter system for optimal film reading
  • Remote controls for re-teaching sensor for new films
  • Configurable presets for different rolls and marks
  • Assembly can be setup looking down or up on film



  • Pre-printed register mark on material
  • Mark must be at least 0.125 in (3 mm) along the film direction and 0.75 in (19 mm) across the film
  • Mark must be placed in a path along the film direction with no other prints of the same color
  • Repeatable splice preparation


  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service