Machine models: SP1 & SP1DL

This option upgrades the standard SP1 control system safety circuit logic and hardware to meet Category 3 and performance level d safety standards. The standard SP1 is rated as Category 2 and performance level c.  The task-based risk assessment performed on the SP1 product line has determined Cat 2 PLc to be acceptable for operator safety. The Cat 3 PLd option is for customers with internal safety requirements that dictate a higher safety level rating

Functions and Features


  • Upgrades standard SP1 safety circuit categorization to meet specific customer safety requirements


  • Upgrades SP1 level of reliability from Cat 2 PLc to Cat 3 PLd


  • Redundant contacts in all safety circuits
  • All safety rated devices including limit switches, relays, and contactors
  • Added monitoring functions on all safety functions
  • Components designed, selected, assembled, and connected in accordance with relevant standards
  • Control architecture whereby a single fault does not lead to the loss of the safety function
  • Whenever reasonably practical  the single fault is detected



  • Available only as a factory-installed option