Hydralign Safety chucks

Hydralign® COR-SAFE™ Safety Chucks are known for providing superior roll support and torque transmission for web processing production lines. Interchangeable parts minimize downtime resulting in long-term production cost savings. With an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility located in the United States, Butler Automatic is able to supply exceedingly high-quality products on a dependable basis. Hydralign Safety Chucks are available for immediate shipment in light and medium duty models, both foot and flange mount.

 Hydralign cor-safe safety chucks

Hydralign cor-safe safety chucks


Hydralign COr-safe safety chucks Specifications


Hydralign COR-SAFE Safety Chucks feature the following:

  • Standard sizes stocked for immediate shipment
  • Standard shaft extensions available at no extra cost
  • Replaceable jaw sockets hardened to Rc 48-52
  • CNC manufactured to precision tolerance
  • Independently laboratory and field tested
  • Flange and foot mount styles available
  • Quick engaging mill duty detent
  • Finger guards on all models
  • All parts are interchangeable
  • Competitive prices
  • Made in the USA

Hydralign COR-SAFE Safety Chucks are constructed with:

Housing: Cast Iron
Socket: Hardened tool steel .004 µ thick
Ring: Chrome plated steel
Bearings: ASTM approved
Finger Guard: OSHA Yellow Molded rubber


hydralign safety chuck specifications

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