Machine models: SP1, SP1DL & SP3HSL

The Light Tower can be equipped on an SP1 or SP3HSL to provide visual information about the status of the splicer. This allows the operator to observe and monitor the splicer from a distance.  

Functions and Features


  • Allows operator to observe splicer status from a distance


  • Lights up solid green when splicer is ready to operate
  • Lights up solid blue when splicer is ready to splice
  • Flashes blue light when splice is not prepared
  • Lights up solid red when splicer is not ready
  • Flashes  red light when splice is imminent and the splice is not prepared


  • Three tier light tower mounted on top of splicer or control box



  • Available as factory option or can be field installed by Butler Field Service
  • Field upgrade may need updated PLC software