Achieving Operational Efficiency and Vertical Start-up Through Technology Transfer and Training Plans

By William Brum, P.E., Manager, Aftermarket Parts & Service, Butler Automatic

Incorporating a new piece of equipment into a packaging line can be extremely difficult if proper technology transfer and training information is not provided by the OEM. World class OEMs’ work with customers in the early phases of sales and design processes, discussing existing equipment, process needs, and how new equipment will integrate into the existing operation. This integration is especially important, with consideration paid to physical incorporation into the facility, integration with other equipment in the line, operator needs, and more.

Experts from OEMs that provide top-quality technology transfer and training take a wide look at the process specifications and goals of incorporating the new equipment in order to properly plan for equipment startup. When OEMs do not take this careful approach to technology transfer and startup, issues are sure to arise that drastically hinder efficiency and performance.

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