Tips for Maintaining Packaging Line Equipment

By William Brum, P.E., Manager, Aftermarket Parts & Service, Butler Automatic

The benefits of pairing autonomous and preventive maintenance strategies are an increase in planned maintenance over unplanned, maximized equipment availability, and the ability to forecast production capacities and maintenance budgets with greater precision.

Proper maintenance of packaging equipment is critical to minimizing downtime and keeping costs low. This article will discuss tips for how to best maintain your packaging line machinery, using automatic splicing technology as an example. With the right maintenance strategy, an appropriate inventory of spare parts, and timely upgrades in addition to support from an expert vendor, you can drastically reduce unplanned downtime, keeps costs low, lengthen the service life of your machinery, and maximize profits. With the right maintenance practices in place, even companies with minimal dedicated maintenance staff can reap these benefits and optimize packaging line operation.

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